Photographer & Digital Artist


Johan Salvador Tavares is a photographer and digital artist born and raised between the Dominican Republic and New York City.  He graduated with honors from the High School of Art and design, later he attended  City Tech in Brooklyn, where he pursued a degree in Graphic Arts and Typography.  In his earlier career Johan's work lead him to the fashion industries where he worked with American made Fashion giants, Elizabeth and James, LaRok, Patterson J Kincaid, and others.

His commitment to commercial photography its stronger today, and now he produces product photography images for Cinc a Sept, Likely, La Bella Figura Beauty, and Joe's Je.  His commercial photography work has been featured in Vogue, Wellness Magazine, Bello Magazine, Women's Wear Daily among others. He resides in Dallas TX where he operates a product photography and digital graphic studio.  His free times is usually always spent gardening and watering his ever growing plant collection.