I'm Johan, You can pronounce my name in a variety of ways. Here's a few of them. According to the Jewish origin it goes like this: Yəhôḥānān. In Swedish it's YO-han. In spanish, my native language, the (h) is silent and the (J) has more of an (h) sound so it's like saying Ho-an. In english the (J) makes it sound like Jo-han. My Nephew used to called me Guango because he couldn't pronounce my name so that stuck around for a little and my mom calls me Juan Sal  ...  So many ways to say my name for many different people ... but it's like the say: "You can call me any way you want just don't call me late for dinner." Seriously, though, I do take my meals pretty serious.  :) You can also call me if you need photos ;)

Aside from being a total photography nerd, I am also a nerd when it comes to video games, ( I ❤︎ Final Fantasy ) movies, and last but not least anime. I'm also an adventure buff, I've jumped out of a plane once and most recently I repelled down a waterfall in Puerto Rico. If there is nature involved I'm in it.  Won't do the plane thing again though. 

I’ve been a photographer for over a decade now. I started taking photos on my own, teaching myself the ins and outs of the camera and learning all that I could about the medium. I studied the camera manual like my life depended on it, I photographed everything that moved and a few things that didn’t. Every now and then I signed up for workshops and critiques to learn just a little bit more. 

I wanted to know what new techniques were available to me. I wanted to move with the technology. I bought used cameras on eBay, I rented lenses and played around with hot lights I even took a few cameras apart to try and understand the medium just a little more. All the while I was storing gigabytes after gigabytes of photos. I kept every single photo no matter how blurry, over or under exposed it was.

I am very lucky to have a supportive group of friend that would let me take their photos, I also collaborated with everyone that came to me with ideas or needed help to enhance their professional image through photos. Nothing was beneath me and nothing is to this day. My pursuit of photography eventually led me to the fashion industry where I was able to work with high-end fashion labels and up and coming designers. Along the way, I met people that redefined my understanding of art and style and helped me moved forward more and more.

Fast forward to today, my style has gotten more sophisticated and my equipment is a lot more advanced than it used to be and I love it all more than ever! 


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